"Moving to Midland?"

"Being Transferred to another city?"
We have worked with transferees and relocation companies for many years. Incoming transferees appreciate our FREE Real Estate Tour to get a sense of the Midland Market and our FREE Home Buyer Relocation Package. Our competent staff assists your efforts during your house hunting trip. And, if all else fails, we will track down a rental so your family has "a place to go." Outgoing transferees like our familiarity with the relocation process, helpful suggestions to make their home more saleable, and our effective marketing plan that gets the job done.
Relocation Concierge For Employers
Impress your select interviewees by including a FREE Real Estate Tour and/or a FREE Midland Relocation Package as part of their itinerary. During the one hour tour, they will drive-by the high points of our community. They will leave with a two inch binder full of pamphlets, flyers and information about Midland highlighting the many great assets Midland holds in store for them.
As long time residents of Midland we are fimiliar with the local history and are uniquely qualified to present our fine city. As members of the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, we are well versed on local issues and are full time successful REALTORS. We can also schedule specific requests for your select interviewee (i.e. school tours, etc.).
Our mission is to present our city in its fairest light, and, if they take the job, we would hope they would use us as their REALTOR. EVERYBODY WINS! You have an impressive itinerary and Midland Relocation Package, the interviewee has a comprehensive overview of the job and location, and it's good for future business for us.